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Is My Fight

I’ve Been In Your Shoes

A criminal charge could easily plunge you into the worst time of your life. I’m Max Shek, the Minneapolis-based criminal defense attorney behind Shek Law, and I understand what you’re going through. I’m here to tell you that, no matter what accusations you’re facing, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m passionate about what I do, and I do it with a judgment-free approach. Unlike many defense lawyers in Minnesota, I’ve been in your shoes. I was wrongfully arrested twice. I’ve experienced the fear and powerlessness of riding handcuffed in the back of a squad car. Thankfully, I was never prosecuted, and those experiences fueled my drive to vigorously defend the rights of the accused.

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Transparent, Affordable And Determined To Outperform Opponents

I believe that a powerful defense should be financially accessible. I’m transparent with my fees, offering reasonable rates without any hidden costs. My background in business – with a master’s degree in business administration – equips me to handle your case in a cost-effective way. My focus is on your defense, not on running up your bill.

I’m candid and driven to accomplish real results. I have a tireless work ethic that many other attorneys simply don’t match. I’m not content with the “usual” outcomes – I strive for the extraordinary. I tailor my approach to the circumstances of every case rather than recycling the same strategies and arguments over and over again. I’m all about out-thinking the prosecution and finding the unique angle that will make a difference for you.

From Misdemeanors To Felonies, Arraignments To Appeals

Whether you’re facing a DWI/DUI charge, dealing with a petty misdemeanor or up against a first-degree felony, I’ve got your back. I handle everything from trials to appeals, and I take on cases statewide. My experience also extends to defending against harassment restraining orders and orders for protection.

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I’ll take your case seriously and devote my full attention to fighting for you. Start with a free consultation, where we’ll talk about crafting a defense that’s tailored to your situation. Call 612-895-SHEK to reach my office in downtown Minneapolis.