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Your Legal Shield Against Harassment Restraining Orders And Orders For Protection

Restraining orders are nothing to take lightly. They can significantly restrict your freedom, limiting where you can go and who you can see. If you’re a parent, a restraining order can even affect your custody rights.

I’m Minneapolis attorney Max Shek, and I can be your shield against harassment restraining orders (HROs) and orders for protection (OFPs). I won’t hesitate to confront the allegations against you with the determination it takes to defeat them. Whether you’re in Hennepin County or anywhere in Minnesota, you can turn to me for judgment-free legal support and tireless advocacy.

A Closer Look At HROs And OFPs In Minnesota

In Minnesota, HROs and OFPs are legal instruments that protect individuals from harassment or abuse. They’re enforceable through criminal charges, which means you could face steep fines and even jail time for violating them. That’s why a strong defense from the start is so important.

While HROs and OFPs are similar, they serve different purposes. HROs prevent harassment – that is, phone calls, texts, in-person contact and other ways of reaching the targeted person. OFPs often include similar restrictions, but they involve domestic abuse situations.

With both types of orders, you have a critical opportunity to challenge them through a court hearing. This is your chance to protect yourself from the burden of restricted freedoms and a restraining order on your public record. The time to enlist a restraining order defense lawyer is now – before the order gets entered against you.

Get A Fresh, Affordable Defense – Free Consultation

As a solo attorney, I offer the advantage of affordable services because of my commitment to efficiency and low overhead costs. I also have the freedom to dedicate ample time to your case. I don’t recycle the same old tactics for every case. With me, you’ll get a fresh approach based on my commitment to digging deep and outsmarting the opposition at every turn.

Don’t leave your freedom to chance. Start protecting yourself today by calling my Minneapolis office, Shek Law, at 612-895-SHEK. You can also reach me online to request a free initial consultation.