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Affordable Representation

How Am I Able To Provide Affordable Representation With Superior Quality?

It’s a well-known fact that most of the major DWI attorneys and criminal defense attorneys spend massive amounts on marketing to acquire clients – the competition is that high. I would perhaps need to break a bank to stay operative while maintaining the same charges as other DWI attorneys and criminal defense attorneys. With such a model, I would need to charge through the teeth to make sure I could recoup the money spent.

This absurd business model among many DWI attorneys and criminal defense attorneys is appalling. There should be a better way for an affordable DWI attorney or an affordable criminal defense attorney to function. Of course, there is one – a way that gives you value for your money. My business background allows me to run my firm differently from how I see other law practices managed, providing you with an affordable DWI attorney and affordable criminal defense representation. I do not speak for other attorneys. However, I am confident that if I spent that amount on marketing that these attorneys do, I would need far more clients than I can adequately provide top-quality representation to and still keep my doors open. Such a model would force me to take on more clients than I can handle and cause me to rush through cases and charge clients more than usual to cover the cost. Use me, an affordable DWI attorney and criminal defense attorney, not other firms that make you pay for their poor marketing.

I have no interest in competing for high-cost clicks merely to get clients to whom I won’t be able to deliver quality services. The amount of money I need to purchase a simple click to my site for the typical sought-after terms is outrageous. However, other firms expend vast amounts of money for clicks to get clients. The way many clients find DWI attorneys is through a simple Google search. Other firms know this and spend absurd amounts of money on advertising on Google and optimizing their website to appear in searches.

It’s easy for any firm or attorney to spend money and position themselves before you, regardless of work quality. Trust me when I say it’s not a smart way to choose an attorney. The thing is, when you are fighting against advertising costs to turn a profit, I struggle to see how they can offer my quality of attentiveness and detail. The level of detail required in DWI representations cannot be underestimated. With this in mind, I utilize my business know-how to create more effective marketing methods at a fraction of other firms’ costs. I spend little to no money on Google ads. If you are here because you clicked on one, you are a rarity I was able to position myself in front of at a low cost.

Not only does this allow my firm to function without the need for taking on a higher volume of clients than I can adequately serve, but it also allows me to give each client the attention and detail they deserve. Because I do not need to pay massive marketing costs to obtain clients, it enables me to pass high-quality representation to clients at a significantly lower price.

I entered DWI representation because I see a problem where I cannot justify the high cost of quick, high-volume, non-personalized defense for any reason besides the need to meet marketing costs. My stance on this subject remains firm and resolute; hence, I created a business model to change that. Quality service to customers in need must not be at a cost more than it’s worth. In the end, I seek to provide the value of what I charge. Contact me at 612-895-SHEK or via email.