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A DUI Defense Lawyer Who Knows Firsthand What You’re Facing

It starts with lights flashing in your rearview mirror, and it ends behind bars. Getting arrested for a DUI is something nobody wants to experience. Yet many people – including those who have never been in trouble with the law – find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

I’m Max Shek, a DWI defense attorney in Minneapolis, and I’ve been there. I was wrongfully arrested twice due to groundless suspicions of driving while intoxicated. Thankfully, I never faced charges, but that experience taught me more than any textbook could about the fear, stress and feelings of powerlessness that come with criminal charges.

I’ve built my practice on the belief that everyone deserves a second chance and the strongest defense possible. This is more than a job to me; it’s my passion. At my firm – Shek Law – you’ll find a judgment-free zone where you’re treated with respect and empowered to fight back.

The High Stakes Of DUI/DWI Charges In Minnesota

The penalties for a DUI/DWI can ripple through every part of your life, affecting not only your freedom but also your driver’s license, job security and even professional licensure. Depending on whether this is your first or repeat offense, you could face penalties ranging from probation to prison time. Thousands of dollars in fines are also a daunting possibility.

I will take your case seriously because I know what’s at stake. You deserve an effective defense that’s tailored to your situation. I don’t reuse the same strategy over and over; I’ll start fresh and dig deep to the strongest angles for your unique circumstances.

A More Effective, Affordable Approach To DUI/DWI Defense

Getting a solid defense against DUI charges shouldn’t cost you your life savings. As a lawyer who also holds a master’s degree in business administration, I take a cost-effective approach toward DUI defense. I offer affordable legal representation without sacrificing quality or attentive service.

When it comes to standing up for the accused, I pull out all the stops. I work tirelessly to out-think and out-work the prosecution. I don’t settle for the usual; I strive for the extraordinary. Whether in court or at the negotiation table, I know how to position DWI cases for favorable results.

Level The Playing Field With A Powerful Ally

Take back your power by enlisting an ally who can level the playing field. With me at your side, you can feel confident facing down the prosecution.

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