Your Fight
Is My Fight

Arrested? I’ve Been There – Let’s Fight Back Together.

When you have criminal charges hanging over your head, it can feel like the world is closing in on you. You deserve a legal ally who is truly committed to your case. I’m Max Shek, a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, and I’ve dedicated my career to providing uncompromising legal representation for people like you.

Unlike many attorneys, I have personal experience in the criminal justice system. I had the misfortune of getting wrongfully arrested by police twice, but thankfully, I was never prosecuted. This experience gives me a unique understanding of what you’re going through.

I truly love what I do because I am able to help people during the worst times in their lives. My goal is to create a judgment-free zone to support and empower you. I offer affordable legal fees and transparent billing so I can provide people with the high-caliber representation they deserve, without breaking the bank.

When you’re up against the wall, I will fight for you, offering not just my legal skillset but also my heartfelt dedication to your cause.

A Fresh Approach To Every Charge

I handle everything from petty misdemeanor charges to first-degree felony charges in Hennepin County and courts across Minnesota. Here’s a snapshot of the criminal offenses I can help you with:

  • Criminal trials and appeals
  • Domestic assault and related charges
  • Assault charges and other violent crimes
  • Defense against harassment restraining orders and orders for protection
  • Drug possession and other drug charges
  • Property and theft offenses
  • Traffic violations
  • Sex offenses
  • Gun rights issues
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Homicide/murder
  • Probation violations
  • Expungements to clear a criminal record

I don’t recycle the same approach for every case. I will tackle yours with a fresh perspective, crafting strategies that are as unique as your situation.

Work With A Lawyer Who’s Different From The Rest

I’m not your typical criminal lawyer, and my work is more than just my job. I will make it my mission to outsmart and outperform those seeking to deprive you of your freedoms. During this difficult process, you can count on me to go the distance for you.

Reach out now for a free consultation. You can contact my Twin Cities law firm, Shek Law, by phone at 612-895-SHEK.