Your Fight
Is My Fight

The Shek Approach

Looking For A Lawyer Who Will Fight For You?

I often see clients of high-cost attorneys accepting plea deals they could have gotten walking into court alone. Many of those same attorneys boast their experience as prosecutors, but that’s the last mindset I would want to have when facing criminal charges. The only time you should take a prosecutor’s mindset is when you’re looking for a quick deal.

There’s no quick deal with me. I’m after the best results, and that means a fight. No matter how much time or effort is needed for your case, it will not cause me to advise you to plea.

Prosecutors in the counties I work in know I’m not here to make their lives easier, and that helps me achieve a better outcome for you. I will fight for you, keep you involved in your case, and get you the best results.

I regularly monitor the filings of other attorneys. Too often, I see firms recycling strikingly similar filings. For simple issues, this can be adequate.

However, you need an attorney who diligently evaluates up-to-date law when problems become complex. Every case has a unique set of facts, and if you try to handle every situation in general terms, you will miss out on various authorities.

Whether the implication is minor or significant, I ensure my clients do not miss any potential leverage that will impact a case’s resolution.

Affordable Rates

Many defendants don’t have huge savings to spend on attorney fees. I cut costs on my end by doing the work myself so that I can pass those savings on to you. Cutting costs allows me to represent you at one of the most competitive rates on the market.

Real Results

This isn’t a flashy, downtown glamour firm. I’m about results. I deliberately avoid a high client volume so I can spend countless hours reviewing the evidence, poke holes in the prosecution’s case and successfully outwork them at every step.

Dedicated Service

I have a staff that works out-of-office to handle scheduling and administrative duties. They’re not here to handle work that needs to be done by an attorney. When you hire me, I’m the one who works on your case.

Results Don’t Lie

I frequently review the results achieved by other premier DWI and criminal defense firms in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.

Under the same fact patterns, I strive to always do better, and I do. When my clients tell me, “I feel like I’m not paying you enough,” or “This was the best decision I ever made,” I know my methods are effective, and they will be for you too.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka or anywhere in greater Minnesota, I encourage you to call my office today at 612-895-SHEK. You can also contact me via email.

While I will fight injustice anywhere in Minnesota, I focus my practice in the following counties: Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Scott, Anoka, Chisago, Isanti, Wright, Dakota, Carver and Sherburne.